About San Francisco Gift Baskets

A Message from Mitra…Owner

Visitors to our City like to say, “I left my heart in San Francisco.” I like to say, my heart is in making gift baskets for those visitors and locals alike.

That’s why I started San Francisco Gift Baskets. But let me go back to the beginning.

After a career in computer programming, I felt I wanted to do something more creative. Because I like working with people, I decided to go into the hospitality field and started by own business, the Bistro Coffee Shop. After running a few successful businesses, I realized that I love making people happy by creating fabulous gift baskets. That led to my next venture: San Francisco Gift Baskets.

What We do:

Based in the City by the Bay, we specialize in creating unique gift solutions for any occasion. Because of our location in an area known for food and wine…and creativity…we are different from other purveyors of gift baskets.
In addition to creating gift baskets for one recipient or for a crowd, we also do events, provide corporate gifts, even snack boxes tailored to your needs. Being local, we offer personalized services including

· We can come to your office to discuss your specific needs
· Same-day service and delivery
· Our creations are on-trend with the latest innovations in gift-giving from spa baskets,
To gluten free, organic and sugar free options
· Our large warehouse has the capacity to produce orders of over 1000 baskets at a time

Some of our high-profile clients include:

· 21st Century Home Improvement
· Pyramid Center
· Grammarly
· Shaklee
· Les Concierge
· Pixar…and more

We made 400 baskets for one of the most popular talk shows on prime-time TV.

Now…let’s go shopping! <link to home page

We recently made 400 baskets for one of the most popular talk shows on prime time TV