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Snow Flake Gift Basket
Snow Flake Gift Basket


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Melt-in-the-mouth treats are arranged in a snowflake-decorated basket. The traditional tastes include
everybody’s favorite Godiva Chocolates, Los Olivos Wine & Cheese Biscuits, Napa Valley Sourdough
Nuggets. For added crunch, there’s cranberry Almond Moose Munch and Snowflake Pretzels. And
topping it off, the incredible combination of sea salt caramel chocolates.
  • • Godiva Chocolates

    • Season’s Greeting Dark Chocolate Drops

    • Los Olivos Wine & Cheese Biscuits

    • Pacific Dessert Old Fashioned Cookies

    • Napa Valley Sourdough Nuggets

    • Cranberry Almond Moose Munch

    • Snowflake Pretzels

    • Truffles

    • Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates

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