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Gourmet Chocolates, Nuts & Sausage Gift Basket
Gourmet Chocolates, Nuts & Sausage Gift Basket


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Enjoy this gourmet treasure with a range of products from creamy camembert brie to indulgent popcorn crunch, an ideal fall themed basket. Belgian Truffles, Columbus Artisanal Salami, Focaccia Crisps and much more arrive in a elegant wicker basket.
  • Belgian Classic Truffles
  • Peppermint Fudge
  • Harvest Popcorn Crunch
  • Eastshore Pretzels & Dipping Mustard
  • Los Olivos Wine & Cheese Gift Baskets
  • Spanish Mangilla Olives
  • Foccacia Crisps
  • Columbus Pinot Noir Wine Salame
  • Brie Creamy Cheese Spread
  • Fredie's Salted Peanuts

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